Management Team

Mr. Deodat Sharma
Auditor General
Ms. Geetanjali D. Singh Audit Director 225-7321
Ms. Dawn Pearson Audit Director (ag.) 227-8835
Ms. Chandrawattie Samaroo Audit Director (ag.) 231-0793
Mr. Victor Lall Director - Works and Structures 225-4514
Ms. Nichette Harcourt Audit Manager  231-0792
Ms. Mona Singh Audit Manager 226-2164
Mr. Dhanraj Persaud Audit Manager 226-7258
Ms. Kaloutie Jaikaran Audit Manager 226-2160
Mr. Wazir Shakeer Audit Manager 232-0310
Mr. Marlon Leitch Audit Manager 225-4512
Ms. Fiona Kingston Audit Manager 227-1075
Ms. Karel Canterbury Audit Manager 227-3197
Ms. Marcel Pinder Audit Manager 227-3148
Ms. Bibi Bacchus Audit Manager (ag.) 226-2163
Mr. Troy Braithwaite Audit Manager (ag.) 226-7259
Mr. Ryan McKenzie Audit Manager (ag.) 227-3199
Mr. Calvin Benn Manager (ag) - Works and Structures 225-4514
Ms. Leona Persaud Finance and Accounts Manager 225-6696
Ms. Reona Persaud Human Resources Manager 225-1030
Mr. Rohit Kalicharran Information Systems Manager 225-7103
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